.308 Win Poly-Coated Ammo


Product Description

.308 Win Poly-coated remanufactured ammunition, 208 gr. bullet

Save money on quality remanufactured .308 Win Hi-Tek Poly-Coated* rounds and get a dry-storage box with every bulk purchase. These 208 grain rounds are great for shooters who demand reliable ammo at an affordable price.

*Polymer Coated Bullets are hard cast bullets with a tough polymer shell which encases the lead projectile. They are similar to copper plated bullets, except the plating is made out of a Hi-Tek polymer instead of copper or copper alloy. Also, while many plated bullets are made of soft lead and can’t stand up to powerful loads, these hard lead alloy bullets hold up under higher levels of stress.

This ammunition is rated at 2300 fps.

Note – The maximum recommended velocity of these bullets is 2,400 feet per second (f.p.s.). They can safely be pushed up to 2,700 f.p.s., although the amount of smoke during firing increases significantly at those speeds, the polymer coating will still protect the bore from leading.

Note – This ammunition is reloaded using 100% military surplus brass. Cases may contain light scratches, minor dents or imperfections which will not affect the performance of the round.