LR-308 Quad Rail Handguard – 15 inch | Free Float | Black


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Product Description

Package includes the 15 Inch LR-308 Free Float Keymod Handguard plus two 5.3 Inch/13 Slot Keymod Rails.

Equip your LR-308 with one of our 15 inch extended length Keymod Rail handguards! It extends further down the barrel, providing more rail space and more flexibility in accessory or hand placement. The free float design attaches directly to the receiver without coming into contact with the barrel or impacting barrel harmonics. The universal Keymod rail platform accepts all standard Keymod accessories.

The handguard includes the aluminum barrel nut, castle nut, and anti-rotation screw.

The barrel nut is built specifically for use with low profile DPMS LR-308 pattern or compatible upper receivers.

Please note that DPMS LR-308 receivers come in two styles.  DPMS upper receivers manufactured before August 2009 have a high profile top rail, while upper receivers manufactured after August 2009 have a low profile top rail.  The top rail of our rails will mount square with low profile DPMS receivers, but not with high profile DPMS receivers.

This rail is not compatible with the DPMS GII rifle.

To confirm whether this rail will fit on your rifle, please click here to refer to our AR-10/AR-308/LR-308 Handguard Compatibility Guide


Lightweight, low profile design with a 2 inch inside diameter; aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction, only 14 ounces in weight; 15 inches in total length.

Package also includes two 5.3 Inch/13 Slot Keymod Picatinny Rails for modular attachment of accessories.

Installation of a free float handguard requires additional tooling and gunsmithing expertise.  For more details, please view our installation guides below.

  • 15 inch Keymod Rail Handguard including two 5.3 inch Keymod Picatinny Rail Sections for use with DPMS LR-308 rifle platforms.
  • Free float design attaches directly to the receiver without touching the barrel or impacting barrel harmonics.
  • Universal keymod rail system allows for modular attachment of picatinny rifle accessories such as bipods, grips, lights, or sights.
  • All Monstrum Tactical Quad Rail Handguard products are backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • Available in black.